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A Quick Review on book of Mahatma – A Great Communicator

A Quick Review on book of Mahatma – A Great Communicator

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Mahatma – A Great Communicator is penned by Dhiraj Kakadia who is an inspiring author and truly can be quoted to get this out as, “Brevity of expression, clarity of thought and dynamic delivery of messages – all of this combined with a near perfect credibility of source – that is Gandhi.”

There has been a very limited research done yet on Gandhiji’s oral and written communication powers. He was a true leader because of this influential communication he could lead throughout his life. This book gives an insight to the unexplored side of Mahatma Gandhi in areas of better communication skills, media strategies and journalism as a whole.

This book has been written by Dhiraj Kakadiya on basis of his studies explored during the tenure of his student life. The ascent of this book lies in the 7 chapters this book is covered in where it delivers the importance of T.V, Radio and Internet.

Book’s third chapter talks on a process towards soul communication. It is beautifully termed as Gandhiji’s Healing Balm.

This book is very timely one. Gandhiji was probably the greatest journalist of all time and the weeklies he ran and edited were probably the greatest weeklies the world has known. “Young India” and “Harijan” became powerful vehicles of his views on all subjects. He wrote simply and clearly but forcefully, with passion and burning indignation. One of the objects of a newspaper, he said is to understand the popular feeling and give expression to it; another is to arouse among the people certain desirable sentiments, and the third is fearlessly to expose popular defects.



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