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7 arrested over forced conversion of Hindu sisters in Pak!

7 arrested over forced conversion of Hindu sisters in Pak!

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There are 7 people detained in Pakistan for their alleged involvement in abduction of two Hindu sisters and their forced conversion to Islam by making them marry at an underage. Since two videos went viral, the case surfaced the social media and triggered Hindu emotions ablaze not only in Pakistan but India as well.

The girls are believed to be 13 and 15 years of age named Raveena and Rina. Out of the two videos that went viral one observed the father and brother of the girls claiming that the girls were abducted and forced into converting to Islam. The other video the girls claimed that they had converted of their own will.

The Nikah Khwan, who officiated the weddings, and relatives of the men who married the girls were among those arrested and handed over to the Sindh police. The girls’ video also showed a cleric marrying them to two older men. The cleric claimed that the girls were influenced by Islam much before and converted to the religion of their own accord. He alleged that their family was spreading “false propaganda”.

According to Geo TV, the girls have approached a court in Bahawalpur in Punjab province seeking protection. The Hindu community in Pakistan has carried out massive demonstrations calling for strict action to be taken against those responsible, while reminding Prime Minister Khan of his promises to the minorities of the country.



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