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Rahul Gandhi plays safe – 57% Muslim Voters in Wayanad !

Rahul Gandhi plays safe – 57% Muslim Voters in Wayanad !

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As Rahul Gandhi seems positive about him contesting from Wayanad, the statistics of Wayanad’s populations can speculate how and why has Rahul Gandhi played safe and chosen to contest from Wayanad.

The speculated calculation behind Lok Sabha’s Wayanad seat!

Wayanad Lok Sabha seat falls under 20 seats of Kerela. Wayanad is considered as Loksabha seat under which Kerala’s Kozhikode, Vayanad and Mallapuram districts are covered.

Wayanad Lok Sabha seat has a total population of 18 lakh 27 thousand 651 people whose rural and urban bifurcation falls respectively around 93.15% and 6.85 %. It is observed that Wayanad Loksabha seat covers maximum Muslim population that fall as 57.98% in the area. There are 7.01%  SC and 9.3% ST. Wayand  Loksabha seat actually consists of total 12 lakh 49 thousand 420 voters where in there are 6 lakh, 14 thousand 822 males and 6 lakh 34 thousand 598 females.

Population : 1827651 Rural: 93.15 %                        Urban: 6.85%  
SC – 7.01%                                                       ST     : 9.3 %  
Voters – 1249420    Male Voters – 614822             Female Voters – 634598  
Muslim –     57.98%  

Last 2 Loksabha Elections’ data may define a calculation on Victory and Defeat of Wayanad Seat chosen by the safe player Rahul Gandhi!

Wayanad 2014:                 Margin –  20870

Total Voters:124942 Voting: 915006(73.2%) ValidVote: 904271(72.4%)
Candidates Party Votes

M I Shanavas                                   Congress                                377,035

Sathyan Mokeri                           Communist Party               356,165

P R Rasmilnath                               BJP                                  80,752

P V Anvar                                       Independent                      37,123

Jaleel Neelambra                            Social Democaratic           14,327

There are   10735 NOTA Votes.

Wayanad 2009 :        Margin: 153,439 (18.6%)

Candidates Party Votes

M.I. Shanavas                                      INC                                               410,703

Advocate. M. Rahmathulla             Communist Party                      257,264

K. Muraleedharan                                         NCP                                          99,663            99,663

C. Vasudevan Master                                  BJP                                             31,687           31,687

Rahmathulla Pooladan                        Independent                             6,459

Hence, it can be observed from the above data that in 2009 and 2014 Congress has pulled the victory with a good margine in both the Lok Sabha Elections from Wayanad.

Speculated reasons for Rahul Gandhi playing safe by contesting from Wayanad :

As Smriti Irani is contesting from Amethi, it gives Congress a strong fight from BJP as Rahul Gandhi is also contesting from Amethi. This may turn Rahul Gandhi to Wayanad that has been a stronghold of Congress since last few Lok Sabha Polls.

It is observed that Indian Muslim League has always received support of Congress and INC has kept its better campaign regimes pertaining to the problems of Minorities specifically Muslims and the Scheduled Castes and Tribes.

This makes Rahul Gandhi and Congress take an upper hand towards victory by contesting from the Wayanad  Loksabha Seat. It should be also noted that DMK in Tamil Nadu, Muslim League in Kerala and JDS in Karnataka are allies of Congress.           



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