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PM Modi is like bride who makes less rotis and more noise with bangles: Navjoth Singh Sidhu’s derogatory remarks

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Congress Leader Navjoth Singh Sidhu made another derogatory remark and has become controversial as he said, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is like a bride who just pretends to work.

“Modiji is like that bride who makes less rotis but makes more noise so that the neighbourhood knows she is working. This is exactly what has happened in the Narendra Modi government,” Punjab minister Navjot Sidhu said in Indore.

Navjot Sidhu also went on to call Prime Minister Narendra Modi “liar-in-chief, divider-in-chief and business manager of Ambani and Adani”.

This came after the TIME magazine put Prime Minister Narendra Modi on its cover, and called him India’s “divider-in-chief”.In yet another distasteful remark on the Bharatiya Janata Party, Navjot Sidhu urged the people of Indore people to vote ‘kale angrez’ out of power.

Campaigning for the Congress in Indore, Sidhu said Congress was the party of Maulana Azad and Mahatma Gandhi and had fought for the Independence of India from British rule.

“Congress is the party that gave freedom to the country; it is the party of Maulana Azad and Mahatma Gandhi. They gave us freedom from the white and the people of Indore will free this country from ‘Kale Angrez’ (black Britishers),” Sidhu said.

Navjot Sidhu also reiterated Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s challenge to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for an open debate. “I am a Sikh and I challenge you to come and debate on GST, on two crore jobs per year that you promised, on bringing back the black money and if Navjot Singh Sidhu is defeated then he will leave politics forever,” he said.

The star campaigner for the Congress, Navjot Sidhu, also alleged that Prime Minister had “destroyed” every democratic and Constitutional institution in the country.

“You have made CBI a puppet; judges of the apex court came out on the road for a press conference. Your chief minister Yogi Adityanath said ‘Modi Ji Ki Sena’, ‘Fauz’ is for fighting the real battle and not for fighting elections,” said Sidhu.

On Friday, the Election Commission (EC) issued a fresh notice to him for violating the poll code with his “objectionable comments” against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

While addressing a rally in Madhya Pradesh, Sidhu had accused Prime Minister Modi of “benefitting businessman Anil Ambani and making money in the Rafale jet deal” and “doing politics on the corpses of martyrs”. He had also termed Modi as the “biggest traitor” of the country.


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