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How Indian food is healthy for your body

How Indian food is healthy for your body

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When you think about Indian food, the first thing comes in mind for Indian food is spicy, hot, greasy, fatty, and heavy. The image of Indian food may reflect negative but the most importantly it uses authentic spices which is very good for your health. There are many things which people don’t know about Indian food. There are some reasons of your questions such as how Indian food can be healthy for your body.

Indian food has lot of vegetables and fruits in their food. People tend to have it as original but Indian women make such a delicious dishes with it. Indian food can never be blend and it has so many nutrients in it. Thus, Indian food allows you to enjoy your health benefits with a tasty food.

Traditional Indian food always start from a scratch which means it has less preservatives and more of fresh ingredients so overall it is a healthy food. And an authentic food uses lots of healthy items such as ghee, yogurt, and fruits.  

Indian authentic food uses more of spices like turmeric, ginger, garlic and green chilies, black pepper, coriander; these all items are used to make medicines because it has healing properties. Then why people say Indian food is spicy instead of the fact that it is actually good for the body not only for a taste.

For a balanced diet, Indian traditional meal includes carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fibre. These all are a very necessary element for a human body to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In India the consumption of milk is better than other countries. And people do believe in fermented milk means yogurt. Yogurt often used in every house which contains good bacteria which are healthy for human body. It helps you to maintain a body fat and it also helps to prevent you from developing insulin resistance which is often given to diabetes person and person who suffered from heart disease.

So next time when you think that Indian food is not healthy for your body, remember this point that how Indian traditional food is healthy for your body.


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