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Branding of Political Parties for 2019 elections

Branding of Political Parties for 2019 elections

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While branding for the product ahead of an upcoming election. One of the heinous incident happened which raised the question against the current ruling government. Is it because of Pulwana terror attack that BJP needs to do something in order to prove the strength of BJP and maintain the trust of people on Modi government? Well, shall it become a political pressure on the ruling party because of an upcoming election or shall be considered to provide the security to Indian Army instead of questioning on government? The fight should be the loss of our beloved Army personnel rather than the fighting for the power to rule over the country.  

As per the present scenario, people are expecting the Modi government again to be in power. He has finished the half revolution and requires to carry another term for the betterment of the political market. The major fluctuation has been seen ahead of the Lok Sabha election 2019 just 2 months before. This is because of the diverse population and the newer entry of the parties which has made the situation more complex and unmanageable to govern the country even by a party who had ruled over 30 years. This time it has become a hurdle for all the parties.

In the era of new age media, the social media is flooded by the opinions of youth which consumed 65% of the total population and making demographic and geographic boundaries. The 2014 election was easier for Modi government to win but this time it’s an actual battle between the BJP and the Congress government. The social media has given the clear picture by its action on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and WhatsApp.

The parties have become a product when it sells in the market, people have to be with the party for 5years, it also needs the support of consumer who is happily accepted and tempting for the product rather than choosing the product which has become a thriller for 5 years.

In the political market, the parties are selling as a consumer product or a corporate entity. In the 2014 election, Modi’s ‘New India’ campaign was the successful campaign which was a powerful motivator for a transforming India but the same tactics would not have a similar appeal for 2019 election. The new 5-year contract needs to be more realistic in the Modi government rather than being stuck for counter questioning. Modi needs to sell its USP in the market so that people will tempt for the product rather than hitting him hard for not a reliable product for the country.   

This year it’s a battle field between the 2 opposition party depended on the post-poll result, if the BJP and Congress fall terribly short of numbers then they have to choose Mayawati or Trinamool Congress Chief Mamata, the only default choice will exist to become the puppet of their government.

If the situation shows, Modi and rest, it will comprise 2 slots, first will sum up the Congress including all the regional party. And another slot excludes Congress from Samajwadi Party, BSP, Telugu Desam Party, Rashtriya Janata Dal, Nationalist Congress Party and TMC among others. Then it will be a hybrid form of the parties with an unstable government. Then the value proposition will run according to set agenda of Common Minimum Programme (CMP) as an alternative brand. It needs to offer a viable economic solution for jobs and also a long term solution for rural distress.

Another option left is the Gandhi brand led Congress alliance. Rahul Gandhi is trying to make a brand since 2004. Finally, get a little bit of success in the Hindi heartland state in 2018. The personal branding of Rahul has impacted negatively to compete for the election as he is attributing the wrong example in real life scenario. Just to hit BJP on daily basis is not the way to move ahead and gain popularity among the people.  Rahul is campaigning for issues such as anti-corruption, unemployment, institutional integrity and agriculture distress.    

Don’t forget the 10 years of UPA government. The fact that the party did nothing. It led the highly corrupt establishment. Now the party is raising inconvenient truth against the Rafale deal, the rise of Ambani’s coincided with the rule of Indira Gandhi, not with Modi’s ascendance. By 1999, the Reliance group had the largest net worth among all private companies in India, much before Modi came to power even in Gujarat.

Second the UBI (Universal Basic Income) move, impractical and unstable growth for an Indian economy. Such assumptions will not have a positive remark. Progressive growth is required which should be possible if the government redistribute the wealth, this can be an interim solution for eliminating poverty.

This article is trying to show the actual image of the Indian brand in the market. The result for the 2019 election would be the most awaited to draw the manifesto for the parties. The USP of the product plays a pivotal role to differentiate itself for the lively picture of democracy. Delivering good product in the market is the sole responsibility of the parties.


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