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Mamata Banerjee takes a dig at BJP on NRC issue!

Mamata Banerjee takes a dig at BJP on NRC issue!

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Speaking at a rally in Dhubri, the Trinamool Congress chief took digs galore at the BJP and said that the Citizenship Amendment Bill is against the will of the common man. “In Citizenship Amendment Bill, you will be a foreigner for 6 yrs, then you will be given citizenship, why? What will you do in the 6 yrs? What about your job, school & every essential thing. This is nothing but a conspiracy,” she said. “Give us your vote and we will raise your voice in the Parliament. We are contesting for the first time (in Assam). Assam and Bengal have always shared a close bond.”

Mamata Banerjee on Friday appealed to voters in Assam to reject divisive politics of the Bharatiya Janata Party and said that the government under Narendra Modi was out to turn people into foreigners in their own country.

While Mamata highlighted the Bangla-Assam bond, she accused BJP of dividing people. “When NRC list came out, I saw 40 lac people are out. It hurt me and I sent my people to Assam immediately but they (BJP) stopped them. Now, they need central forces in every booth. They have destroyed the country and now want to come back to power. You have never voted for us and yet we have protected your interests. Vote for us and we will protect you.”


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