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શિયાળાની ઋતુમાં બનાવો લીલી તુવેરના દાણાની ગરમા- ગરમ સ્વાદિષ્ટ કચોરી તદ્દન સરળ રીતે

સાહીન મુલતાની- આજે રવિવાર એટલે પરિવાર સાથેનો વાર, રવિવાર હોય પરિવારના સભ્યો સાથે હોય અને એમા પણ જો ગરમા ગરમ લીલવાની કચોરી મળી જાય તો શું કહંવું છે તમારું,મજા પડી જાય ને,તો ચાલો આજે આપણે બનાવીએ લીલી તુવેરના દાણાની કચોરી,ખુબ જ સ્વાદીષ્ટ અને નાના-મોટા સૌ કોઈની પ્રિય.  મેંદાની પુરી બનાવવા માટેની સામગ્રી 500 ગ્રામ – […]

Book Review: Rediscovering Narmada Valley

Abhilash Khandekar* Rivers have been an inseparable part of human civilizations since times immemorial. But books dedicated to rivers is a recent trend in India, especially in the English language. In Sanskrit, Tamil, Marathi, and Hindi some river literature has been around. In the past few years, new river literature in English has come forth […]

COVID-19: AIMMS study warns, suggests reopening after pandemic’s peak

New Delhi: As large parts of India braced for a reopening of economic activities from Monday, a study conducted by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has advised that this should be done only after the global pandemic reaches its peak in the country or increased tests proved its decline. It said that […]

Ram Temple: Fresh Hindu sculptures, Shivalinga, and artifacts unearthed

Fresh evidence of Hindu temples unearthed in Ayodhya site Sculptures, carved pillars, Shivalinga found during ground-leveling Supreme Court had ruled in favor of Hindus in November 2019. New Delhi: Even after the Supreme Court settled the Ram Temple issue in November 2019 in favor of the Hindus, fresh evidence has emerged in Ayodhya where the […]

Stimulus 3: Nirmala announces Rs. 1 lakh cr for agriculture, fisheries sectors

In the third tranche of Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan‘s stimulus, FM unveils an Rs. one lakh cr relief to boost Agri infrastructure Rs. 5,000 cr relief to milk producers Rs. 20,000 crore for fishermen program New Delhi: In the third tranche of the Rs.20 lakh crore stimulus package to perk up the Indian economy, Finance Minister […]

COVID-19: the US begins tightening screws on China with the 18-point plan

Senator Thom Tillis wants more military ties with India, Vietnam and Taiwan Advocates reforms in the WHO. Wants manufacturing back from China to America. New Delhi: After nearly 87,000 deaths and 1.5 million infections in America, the US began to tighten screws on China with a top Republican Senator unveiling an 18-point plan which includes […]

COVID-19: Rupani govt ‘missing’; is it due for replacement?

Is the Rupani Government on its way out? Can a new CM be sworn in amid lockdown the way Shivraj Singh Chouhan was in MP? The BJP Govt has failed to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic in Gujarat It is reduced to jokes, memes, and speculations on social media. Overnight, senior officials brought in to control […]

COVID-19: A century ago, flu killed up to 200 mn people globally

Influenza killed more people than the two World Wars did. Even now, it claims 250,000 lives globally, each other Flu came with soldiers; even affected Gandhi’s Ashram. Prachi Vyas Ahmedabad: China, and some others, objected when US President Donald Trump christened COVID-19 as “China virus”. But he was only recalling the source of origin of […]

Society: Bhagwat cautions people against blaming a community

Do not blame an entire community for mistakes of a few ·         No need to be afraid of COVID-19; fight with patience. ·         Appeals to follow the lockdown norms and social distancing. ·         Staying inside homes is the only solution. ·         India must stop depending on other countries. Nagpur: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat has said it […]

COVID-19 in SAARC: Afghans, Bangladeshis suffer under global pandemic

COVID-19 may infect 25 mn Afghans, kill 110,000 others: Report War-torn Kabul continues to face terror attacks. Most Bangladeshis working abroad are unemployed due to shutdowns. Prachi Vyas New Delhi: War-torn Afghanistan, which has long suffered from political dysfunction, terrorism and ethnic conflict, is currently reeling under an even more chilling global pandemic COVID-19 which […]